Organic Brown Rice Salt Koji element of 220g"Organic brown rice salt koji element 220 grams" is a salt koji ingredient using domestically produced organic brown rice, a koji mold with...

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Organic Brown Rice Salt Koji element of 220g

"Organic brown rice salt koji element 220 grams" is a salt koji ingredient using domestically produced organic brown rice, a koji mold with a crystal of the domestic solar salt sea. Just add water and mature for about a week to ten days. A generous delicious versatile seasoning&Pickles floor. Living lactic acid bacteria, yeast bacteria, enzymes are ingested. The original umami of the material is drawn out. Organic JAS certified food.how to useDry this product into a ball, disentangle with both hands, add 160-200 cc of water and disassemble with both hands. After putting it in a storage container and loosening the lid, stir it once a day, it is completed in 1 to 10 days at normal temperature. Keep it in the refrigerator and use it for about six months.Instead of salt and soy sauce stir-fried, simmered, to be mixed.Immerse them in vegetables, fish, meat etc.Immerse it with spices and make it a superb seasoning.Preservation methodAvoid direct sunlight and store at normal temperature. Refrigerated after opening, as soon as possible. Organic JAS markBrand: Marukawa misoFood>Yeast · fungi>Koji>Salt Koji · Shiogama (Shiokoji)>Organic brown rice salt koji element 220 gPublisher Marukawa miso Contents: 220 g JAN Code: 4571367290114 What is salt koji · salt (shiouji)Salt koji (salt koji) is a traditional Japanese seasoning that fermented salt and water mixed with koji. It has been used as vegetables and fish pickles for a long time. You can use it as a universal seasoning regardless of whether you are in Japan or the world, soaking the ingredients in salt koji, painting, dusting.What is koji?Koji (Koji) is a breeding of microorganisms mainly fungi effective for food fermentation such as kojiki in cereals such as rice and barley, bran and the like. It is used in making fermented foods such as sake, miso, pickles and so on. 【This item is shipped by Kuroneko Mail facilities】· We deliver it by envelope in a simplified way.· Products will be posted to your home post.(Even if theft or damage of goods occurs after post posting, refund or exchange can not be done, so please be patient.)· Delivery days are about 1 to 5 days. About one week depending on the areaIt may be necessary.· Delivery by wearing date and time zone designation is not possible.· Payment by cash on delivery is not possible.· You can use Kasashimaya only for customers who use it for the first time.
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